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What’s included in a heating tune-up?

heating tune-up edwardsville il

Your furnace is a lifeline during chilly Edwardsville, IL winters. If it stops running correctly, you can be faced with expensive repairs or the prospect of buying a new system altogether. With a little bit of foresight, you can avoid the expense by having an HVAC tune-up before each winter season. B&W Heating and Cooling technicians can conduct a comprehensive furnace tune-up. The typical components of a seasonal maintenance appointment include the following:

  • Inspection of wires and lines, including natural gas lines, electrical wires, and ductwork. The technician will check to ensure that there is no carbon monoxide being released.
  • Lubrication of moving parts. Burners, vents, and motors will be cleaned and oiled to get rid of dirt build-up that can result in malfunctions and sticky sensors.
  • Inspection of the thermostat. The technician will make sure the contacts are properly calibrated and working and measure for temperature differences between the set temperature and the actual air temperature.
  • Filter cleaning/replacing. You may be given the option to purchase a permanent filter like a HEPA or electrostatic. Not only does a permanent filter catch more dust and particulates than a disposable filter, but it is also more cost-efficient in the long run.
  • Duct-work inspection. Although your furnace shouldn’t need a ductwork cleaning every season, your HVAC technician might check to ensure that there are no blockages or leaks that might be affecting proper airflow through your home.
  • Inspection of burners. If you’ve got a gas furnace, it is vital that you keep it in proper working order. This means checking that it ignites and the flame remains steady.

Why a Heating Tune-up is Important

Keeping your heating system in good working order makes good economic sense, as it will save you from the worry and stress of replacing a furnace after just a few years. But there is another reason to consider a seasonal tune-up. Many newer furnaces come with a limited warranty that is only redeemable if the unit is maintained.

A Note on “Discount” Tune-ups

Whether you are considering furnace maintenance or an air conditioning tune-up, be wary of heating and cooling companies that offer extensive discounts on seasonal tune-ups. Edwardsville, IL technicians provide a wide range of services for homeowners, but not all of them are comprehensive. At the very least, your heating system tune-up should include an inspection of the supply lines, filter system, and mechanical components.