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Why Does My Bethalto, IL AC Unit Smell Bad While Running

AC Unit Smell
It’s a humid hot day in Bethalto, IL and all you want to do is relax in the air conditioning of your home. However, the foul ac unit smell that greets you as you come in doesn’t give you the relaxing and cool feeling you had hoped for. Depending on the smell coming from your air conditioner, there could be a few things wrong. Here are a few reasons as to why it smells and what could be wrong. AC Repair Services

4 Reasons Your AC Unit Has a Smell

Smells like Feet

Oftentimes when your Bryant or other air conditioner unit becomes dirty or clogged it will start to smell like stinky socks or feet. This is caused by standing water that isn’t drained properly and builds up causing it to smell. Having an expert properly clean the unit is the best solution.

Smells like exhaust fumes or Rotten Eggs

People frequently wonder where this kind of smell would be coming from since your AC isn’t fueled by gas. Exhaust fumes odors can be caused by leaks in engine fluids and other components in your air conditioner. Rotten egg smells can also be caused by a gas leak when rodents or small animals die in the ductwork. This could also be a gas leak within your home so make sure to call the local fire department and gas company to report the possible leak, and then your local HVAC company if the smell is unrelated to a gas leak.

Smells like Gun Power

A burning, powdery odor may come from your air conditioner if the fan motor or circuit board of your device shortens out. It’s advisable to call an HVAC contractor to remedy the problem in order to get rid of the stench, maintain your unit operating correctly, and reduce any risk.

AC Unit Smell of Mildew

HVAC Mainenance The most frequent order issue is that the air conditioners have is a musty smell. Most likely the unit has started to grow mildew or fungus in or around it. This makes sense because air conditioners cool your home while also removing extra moisture from it. In places where there is still moisture, mold can quickly form if the moisture cannot drain correctly. Filters that are dirty may also smell mildewed. It’s recommended to call an HVAC expert with experience dealing with mold, mildew, and fungus in these circumstances. They are the experts in eliminating the stench and restoring the air quality in your house. The experts at B&W Heating and Cooling can get rid of any odor coming from your air conditioner right away! Give them a call today to schedule an appointment to get your house smelling fresh and clean again!