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Why does my furnace smell when it’s running?

furnace smell troy il

Sometimes a furnace may emit odors that you might not understand. In some cases, furnace odors are nothing to worry about. However, some smells can indicate severe furnace problems. Below are a few furnaces smells and why these odors might be present.

Burning Dust

When you first turn your furnace on for the season, you may smell a strong odor of burning dust or a musty smell. This smell is typically not harmful as it is just the dust blowing out of the system through the air ducts. Although the smell might seem worrisome, it should dissipate once the furnace system has been on for a few minutes. If the smell does not go away, you need to contact a professional furnace repair company for service.

Sulfur or Rotten Eggs

Because you cannot smell or see gas, utility companies use an additive to make the gas have a noxious odor to warn individuals when there is a gas leak. If you notice strong sulfur or rotten egg odor, you probably have a gas leak in your furnace. Shut off the gas from the outside emergency valve and contact the utility company immediately. You may also need a heating contractor to make repairs before the gas is turned back on again.

Electrical Smells

Strong electrical odors, metallic smells, or the smell of electronic components burning can indicate one of several furnace problems. Your furnace could be overheating because of worn parts or electrical shorts. The system could catch fire. If you smell any of these odors, you need to turn your furnace off and call a furnace repair company.

Moldy or Musty Odors

The coils cool on your HVAC unit when the temperature drops. When the furnace turns on, the coils reheat. The constant shift between cool and warm can cause condensation to build up. The moist environment can breed bacteria that cause mold. Mold is a serious problem because it can cause severe health issues. You will need to call and request a service call on your unit.

Oil Burning

A strong smoky or burning oil smell could indicate one of several furnace problems. If an item gets too close to the pilot light on a gas furnace, the item could begin to melt or smolder. A clogged filter in an oil furnace could cause this odor. Also, if you spilled oil when filling the oil tank, you might smell the oil burning. If you are unsure of why your furnace smells of oil burning, call a furnace repair company.

Call a Troy, IL Heating Company for Help

Strange smells from a furnace should not be ignored. Call B & W Heating and Cooling for furnace repair, service, and maintenance.