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What happens when the a/c system goes out at your Edwardsville, IL home

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For many homeowners, the instinctive approach to an air conditioning unit going out is mild panic. You might immediately wonder if it’s a major issue or if an air conditioning replacement is going to be necessary. When units falter in the hottest part of the year, worries compound: will you have to spend days in a too-hot house? It can be especially scary if you have vulnerable people, including infants or the elderly, living in the home.

Before you panic, take a few steps to investigate the true condition of your A/C unit. You might find a simple answer or a temporary fix. After that, contact our qualified Edwardsville, IL, A/C repair professionals.

Troubleshooting Your Air Conditioning Unit

Sometimes a quick fix at home can have your A/C unit up and running again. First, check your thermostat. Did someone change the settings or accidentally turn the unit off? It seems too simple, but this happens more than you might think.

Next, check the breakers and ensure the A/C unit is getting power. It’s no use calling an HVAC company if your real problem is electrical. You can also check to see if the condensate overflow switch needs to be reset (only do this if you’re familiar with basic A/C unit switches).

If your air conditioning unit is running but isn’t pumping cold air, change or clean the filter to see if that makes a difference. You should also check the exterior compressor, removing any debris around it, to ensure adequate airflow.

Check both the indoor and outdoor components of your unit; if you see ice forming, turn the unit off and let it defrost. Once the ice is gone, you can run the unit again to see if it works.

When to Call an Air Conditioning Repair Pro

Even if any of the troubleshooting tips above return cool air to your home, it’s a good idea to call a professional to have your unit checked. Problematic performance may not be a one-time deal, and it could be a symptom of a deeper issue.

Other reasons to call a pro which include:

  • The unit doesn’t function at all despite troubleshooting
  • Your HVAC system is making funny noises or smells
  • Your system is old, and a new A/C installation could create greater efficiency and save you money in the long-term

Calling a qualified Edwardsville, IL HVAC pro as soon as you think there’s a problem lets you know what the issue is so you can make plans to solve it.