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View Our HVAC Systems & Home Comfort Products in the Alton, IL Area

At B&W Heating and Cooling, we provide a wide variety of HVAC services to customers throughout the Metro East area. Additionally, we offer heating and cooling equipment from three of the best in the business – Amana, Goodman, and Apralaire. New units from us come with the following HVAC benefits:
  • Lifetime Replacement w/ Failed Heat Exchanger
  • Lifetime Replacement/ Failed Air Compressor
  • 10-Year Warranty on All Parts
Ductless Split Systems

Ductless Split Systems

A split-system air conditioner approach has certainly boosted in popularity due to its cost-efficient module. The split-system has its hot and cold units detached from one another.

Light Commercial Heat/AC

Light Commercial Heat/AC

B&W Heating and Cooling prides itself on providing quality HVAC services when it comes to our commercial heating and air conditioning services.

Clean Air Products

Clean Air Products

Ever think about what you and your family are breathing in? When it comes to heating and cooling systems, dust and other pathogens may be traveling through your home via the ductwork.



We offer a full-line of gas, oil and electric furnaces from the best brands in the industry. Talk to our expert staff about your home and heating needs – we’ll take the time to get to know your situation and recommend the system that best fits your needs.

Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners

B & W offers a great selection of central air condoning units that help you keep the desired temperature when it’s hot outside. Depending on the size of your home and usage, our specialists can recommend the HVAC system that best suits your lifestyle.

heat pump and HVAC wood river il

Heat Pump

Our selection also features heat pumps. These systems move the heat from inside to outside, and vice versa, based on the temperature. Also, these systems could help homeowners save on energy since none is created during the process.

carbon monoxide detector wood river il

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Do you have gas appliances? Do you have a carbon monoxide detector? Carbon Monoxide is colorless, odorless and is a major threat to homes with gas appliances. Make sure you have a detector to protect those in your home from this poisonous gas.

HVAC zoning systems wood river il

Zoning Systems

Wish you could have more control over the temperature in your home? With zoning systems, residents can control the temperature by zones for maximum comfort no matter what part of the home you’re using.

Home Humidifiers & Dehumidifers

Home Humidifiers & Dehumidifers

Struggle with dry skin and sore throats all winter? Drip sweat no matter what temp you set the thermostat to? Our home humidification/dehumidification options can help control humidity levels at your home or business.

boilers wood river il


In addition to furnace systems, our selection of heating and cooling equipment features boilers as well. Boilers give customers a customizable heating system that can be used to heat different floors at different rates.

Chimney Liners

Chimney Liners

If you have gas or oil-burning appliances, your chimney liner will break down at some point. When that point arrives, you’ll be glad to know that B & W has chimney liners and qualified technicians for a fast replacement.

thermostats wood river il


Does your thermostat accurately control the temperature in your home? Do you have an old thermostat that needs to be replaced? Our experts can handle all of your thermostat needs – from programming to repairs and replacements. We can install the smart thermostats as well.

Air Conditioners

Energy-Efficient Air Conditioners

It is almost inevitable that your air conditioner goes out on the hottest day of the summer. It’s never a on a breezy 72-degree tropical paradise, it’s always a raging heatwave. Every. Time. Whether it is time to replace your old unit or make an addition to help its performance, we pride ourselves on our reliable, energy-efficient air conditioning installations. Our first step is to have a comprehensive analysis of your current HVAC system and providing feedback on possible air conditioning options suitable for your home’s needs and budget. Our certified technicians have extensive experience repairing all major brands of HVAC systems, offering only top of the line quality products for installation.

Some of our most popular energy-efficient air conditioners:

Two-Stage Air Conditioner – Up To 16 or 18 SEER

The updated aerodynamic fan and air discharge system minimizes operating sound leading to the two-speed fan motor operating predominantly on a quieter and lower speed. For the ultimate comfort, two two-stage scroll compressor operates at lower capacity and transitions to a higher capacity to accommodate more cooling when the temperature rises.

This two-stage air conditioner model pairs perfectly with either an 80% or 95% AFUE variable-speed, two-stage gas furnace, providing the ideal comfort experience.

Air Conditioner – 14 Up To 15 SEER

This polished and robust cabinet design, with an appliance-grade paint finish is the number one option for air conditioners in the 14 SEER line. The two-speed fan motor is equipped with noise-reducing features essentially rendering it silent while operating. It is also equipped with a scroll compressor that is considered the top industry choice in terms of effectiveness and consistency.

Given that R410A refrigerant is the official replacement for R22, you save yourself some money with a potentially costly conversion.

13 and 14 SEER Air Conditioners With R410A

SEER is an industry term to rank efficiency, the higher it is – the more efficient. These condenser and coils are leak-tested to assure you of its reliability. These air conditioners will radically lower energy bills considering your older system may operate at half of the SEER efficiency.

Clean Air Products

Indoor Air Quality

It may come as a surprise, but your home’s indoor air could potentially get more polluted than outside air. Mold, pet dander, carbon monoxide, and second-hand smoke are some of the contributing factors to that. These can cause asthma attacks, sudden headaches, and excessive allergy problems. Let us help remove your home’s airborne pollutants free from your home. Talk to us about air purifiers and quality air filter systems that can cut down on harmful things you may be breathing in. B & W offers another way to control the bacteria that your family may be breathing in. UV treatments kill bacteria on the heating coils, which helps purify the air that circulates throughout the home.

B&W’s methods to providing better air quality for your home:

  • Prescribing effective clean air products for your indoor quality needs
  • Get rid of source of contamination
  • Improving the filtration and purifying your air
  • Reducing and controlling the airborne toxic compounds
  • Increasing oxygen levels

Ductless Split Systems

Cost-Efficient Ductless Split Systems

A split-system air conditioner approach has certainly boosted in popularity due to its cost-efficient module. The split-system has its hot and cold units detached from one another. The cooling side consists of your expansion valve and typically placed into a furnace. The air handler lets air in through the coil and circulates it throughout the building using ducts. The condensing unit (heating side) which is placed outside of the building and is where the warm air pulled from your indoor units is dumped.


Energy-Saving Furnaces

When your home’s heating system abruptly gives out – you need someone you can call. What better option is there other than your local furnace installers and repair; we work quickly, effectively and affordably.

Our HVAC technicians work with you to select the perfect heating system best suitable for your home and pockets. One of the ways this is done is through comprehensive engineering analysis, equipment comparison and ultimately, your personal preference.

We install and service all types of furnaces including – oil, natural gas, LP gas and electric. Our most popular options:

One-Stage Gas Furnace- 95% AFUE

The higher AFUE equals larger energy savings. The 95% AFUE gas furnace is designed to run quietly and efficiently.  With a 95% AFUE rating, your one-stage gas furnace can cut your monthly fuel costs by as much as one-third!

Designed using space-age materials consisting of stainless steel heat exchangers to prevent cracking, this advanced ignition system is a furnace meant to last for years. The multispeed circulation blower ensures your system runs quietly and efficiently. Your furnace also comes with a single-stage gas valve operation with special sensors and limit controls to provide safety.

Two-Stage Gas Furnace – 80% AFUE

If you are experiencing drastic temperature swings in your home, it is caused by the rapid heat-up and shutdown cycle of a single-stage system. With the two-stage system, your furnace will adjust accordingly to the temperature regulating itself to boost heat as temperatures drop. The integrated control system alters the flow of gas and combustion fan to each stage.

Variable-Speed Two-Stage Gas Furnace – 80% AFUE

The Variable-Speed Two-Stage Gas Furnace delivers consistent heat and overall comfort – unlike a single-stage furnace known to rapidly heat up and shut down.

This quiet, two-stage system operates at low heat and regulates heat production based on temperature. If you run the high-efficiency fan continuously, it results in an improvement in your indoor air quality. With 80% AFUE, you can dramatically save on your monthly fuel costs.

Variable-Speed Two-Stage Gas Furnace – 95% AFUE

95% AFUE variable-speed two-stage gas furnaces is the best bang for your buck in terms of energy savings. This hushed two-stage system runs on low heat and also, regulates its heat production based on temperature rises and drops. You can improve your air quality greatly by continuously running the high-efficiency fan. Additionally, the variable-speed motor maximizes moisture removal using a humidity sensing thermostat, resulting in quality comfort.

With the 95% AFUE variable-speed, the two-stage gas furnace gives you 95 cents worth of heat for every dollar!

Heat Pumps

Energy Saving Heat Pumps

Electric air-source heat pumps are a convenience cost-efficient method to keeping your home set at the perfect comfort level for any temperature. These heat pumps combine indoor and outdoor air temperatures to cool and heat your home as an energy-efficient alternative to traditional furnaces and air conditioning units. Using less energy means lower monthly utility bills. At B&W Heating and Cooling, we provide comprehensive evaluations of your current HVAC systems and propose the best options for your home and budget.

We install and service a variety of heat pump models. Our two most popular models:

Two-Stage Heat Pump – Up To 15 or 17 SEER

To maximize comfort, this two-stage model runs at lower capacity and increases accordingly for temperature rises and drops resulting in a great balance of heating and cooling. When the temperature is warm, it transitions to cooling mode ensuring that balance and comfort. Pairing this module with a heat variable-speed, two-stage gas furnace results in the utmost advantages of a dual fuel system.

13 and 14 SEER Heat Pumps with R410A

SEER is an industry term to rank efficiency, the higher it is – the more efficient. These condenser and coils are leak-tested to assure you of its reliability. These heat pumps radically lower energy bills considering your older system may operate at half of the SEER efficiency.