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What Is The Purpose Of My HVAC Air Handler Unit and How Does It Work? Alton IL HVAC Solutions

Air Handler Unit

What Is The Purpose Of My HVAC Air Handler Unit, and How Does It Work? Alton ILHVAC Air Handler Unity

The development of HVAC systems has come a long way. As technology advances, the HVAC industry continues to innovate in order to make HVAC systems more effective and efficient. An example of such a development is the air handler. If your heat pump is outside your house, the air handler is most likely the indoor component. Air handlers are usually located in the basement, attic, or even in a dedicated closet. Below is a discussion about what an air handler is and how exactly it works to keep the indoor temperature of your Alton, IL home comfortable all year round.

What Is the Purpose of A Heat Pump?

An air handler is a piece of equipment that is responsible for moving air throughout your house. As such, it is an integral component of your HVAC system. In fact, it operates with both the heating and cooling parts of an HVAC system. For instance, if you are using a heat pump to cool you’re your house; the air handler will ensure that the cooler air is evenly distributed throughout your home. Air handlers are known for a number of benefits. For instance, they ensure improved indoor climate control, enhanced energy efficiency of the entire HVAC system, and fewer airborne allergens.

How Does an Air Handler Work?

For you to understand how an air handler works, it is important for you to know the role of each of its main components, which includes the filter, the coil, and the blower. The filter is usually located between the fan and the intake vent. Its function is to ensure that the air getting into your HVAC unit is purified. The coil is the component that actually cools or warms the air while the blower is the fan that ensures that the cooled or the warmed gets back into your house through the ventilation duct system. In a nutshell, the air handler pulls in air and passes it over the coil, for warming or cooling, before it is blown back into the house. new heating system alton il

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that an air handler is an integral component of the HVAC system. In addition to ensuring that the air is purified before being warmed or cooled, an air handler is also responsible for ensuring that the treated air reaches every part of a house. Your HVAC air handler is also known for improving the efficiency of the entire unit in addition to minimizing airborne allergens in a home.