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Avoid These Common Edwardsville, IL Furnace Repair Scams

common furnace repair scams Edwardsville Illinois

Beware Of These Furnace Repair Scams

Every day is a good day for a scam in the mind of a con artist. And they will use any means to rip you off and disappear. This includes a number of home repair scams, including phony furnace repair. Here are some of the most common furnace repair scams to be on the lookout for in the Edwardsville, IL area.

You Have a Cracked Heat Exchanger

heat exchanger edwardsville illinoisThis is possibly the most common furnace repair scam around. In this con, you are told that your heat exchanger has a crack in it. They will tell you that this is allowing carbon monoxide into your home in life-threatening amounts. The scam artist will then push for you to immediately fix it. This is meant to play on your emotions. Of course, I want my family to be safe! Can you please charge me extra to take care of this emergency? Where do I sign? Slow down for a minute and take a deep breath. This scam relies on the hope that you will jump to correct something this serious instantly. The only way to win is to get the truth about the situation from someone you can trust. Let’s get one thing straight; a real crack in the heat exchanger of your heating system is a serious issue that will need professional furnace repair. But, the truth is, it rarely happens. If someone claiming to do furnace repair tells you that you have a crack in your heat exchanger, insist that they show it to you. This is especially important if the problem was “discovered” very quickly. If your heating system does have a cracked heat exchanger, a licensed heating contractor in Edwardsville, IL, can easily diagnose the problem and offer advice regarding repair or replacement without a hard-sell attitude.

They Have a High-Pressure Sales Pitch

Beware of anyone who tells you that your life, along with the lives of everyone in your household, is dependent on a repair or replacement. And, to add to the pressure, you need to do it right now. But there’s another part to this particular con: if you choose to allow them to make this immediate heating system repair, they will offer you a too-good-to-believe bargain price. But you have to do it right now! A professional heating contractor will never use a scare tactic like this when discussing your problem. Even the most serious furnace repair will be handled in a professional manner, and without making you feel like you are harming your loved ones.

They Use Bait & Switch

heating inspections edwardsville illinoisFor a con artist, half of the game is getting into your home. Some will offer great deals, like a free inspection of your heating system, to gain access. Now, you may be thinking, what is so terrible about a bargain like a free inspection? And, if that was what it actually was, it really would be a deal. What makes this scam so sneaky is that it relies on gaining access to your heating system. Once they have access, they can create problems that they are conveniently available to “fix” for you. And you will be so glad that they discovered this problem before anyone got hurt that you will pay their exorbitant fee for this phony furnace repair. Sometimes these services are advertised by phone or email. And the prices they offer are truly bargain basement. These are the ones you need to be most suspicious about. You shouldn’t always believe their unbelievable prices. A professional heating contractor is licensed, experienced, and trained to work on your heating system. Their business’s reputation relies on the trust their customers have in their work and in their opinion. They would never risk something so vital to their continued success. The prices they charge for furnace repair will be reasonable for the Edwardsville, IL area, and they will be guaranteed.

They Insist on Unnecessary Duct Cleaning

There are people out there who will insist that your ducts need pricey cleaning services. To provide proof, they often point out dirty vents or registers. They insist that your ductwork is clogged, putting a tremendous strain on your heating system. The only truth in their scam is that a clogged duct can indeed damage your heating system. If your ductwork is clogged, you need to contact a licensed heating contractor in Edwardsville, IL, for duct cleaning. However, there is a big difference between dirty and clogged. And there is a big difference in dirty registers or vents and ductwork that needs to be professionally cleaned for the health of your heating system. Knowing what to look out for is sometimes the best protection against furniture repair scams. These kinds of scams offer a fantastic price, but make sure that you need the services before you sign on. Don’t let anyone push you into any kind of work on your heating system on the spot. Remember that a professional heating contractor will never put this kind of undue pressure on you. And, as far as the price, remember that in this life you get what you pay for. Make sure you’re paying for quality furnace repair.