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How To Tell if Your AC Unit is Failing

ac unit failing edwardsville il

Sounds that Signal Your AC Unit is Failing

The summers in Edwardsville, IL can be sweltering and sometimes unbearable. A high-quality air conditioner can keep your home comfortable during the worst Illinois heatwave. Still, even with the best care, it will inevitably have to be replaced or upgraded.

How to Tell When Your AC Unit is Failing

ac repair services edwardsville illinois The key to replacing your AC before it leaves you suffering the summer’s wrath is to know the signs that predict a problem. Although different styles of systems vary, there are some straightforward indications that you’re going to need to start looking for a new air conditioner: It is over fifteen years old. Most high-quality air conditioning brands, like Bryant, have a lifespan of 10-15 years. If your unit is making odd noises or running inefficiently and has been in your home for more than a decade, it would probably be more cost-effective to replace it. You will have to spend more on repairs than on a new air conditioner. HVAC technicians use a formula to determine when you should replace instead of repairing your unit; If the cost of repair multiplied by the age of your AC unit is less than the cost of a new unit, then it would be better to buy an air conditioning system. ac unit replacement edwardsville illinois You notice a rise in your electric bill that can’t be explained by increased usage or other factors. This increase can mean your AC is working less efficiently than it had been. One solution would be to utilize a professional HVAC company like B&W Heating and Cooling to perform an air duct cleaning or inspect the AC to find problems. Still, eventually, even a well-maintained AC will become too inefficient. There are other subtle signs that your air conditioning unit is failing, including an increase in the noise your unit makes while running, frequent starting and stopping, pushing warm air instead of cold, and overheating. Changing to HEPA filters will increase your indoor air quality and reduce allergens as well as extend the life of your AC unit. Call on B&W Heating and Cooling to discuss how you can improve your indoor air quality with an air purifier or air duct cleaning, and let them help you upgrade your AC unit.