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Helpful Tips on Increasing your Homes Humidity in Edwardsville Illinois


Ways To Increase Your Home’s Humidity in Edwardsville Illinois

Sufficient levels of humidity in the home are associated with a host of advantages. Many common viruses, like influenza, are less likely to be transmitted in moist air. Proper levels also reduce electrostatic shock, which not only stops irritating shocks when you touch objects or people but also prevents home fires caused by static electricity discharges. Air that has optimal humidity levels is cleaner, with fewer airborne dust particles and mold spores, and it’s healthier to breathe in. Unfortunately, many Edwardsville, IL, homeowners find it difficult to maintain proper humidity levels in their homes, testing humidity levels especially during the winter months when the weather is cold and the outside air holds very little moisture. By taking a few measures to increase your home’s humidity, you can enjoy a cleaner, more comfortable environment.

Our Helpful Tips for You at Home

Boil Water on the Stove to Increase Humidity

As boiling water evaporates, it adds humidity to the air. While in a large home this may not be enough to make a noticeable difference, you can promote air circulation by keeping your HVAC fan set to the “on” position. This will move the moist air throughout the house.

Leave the Exhaust Fan Off

When you bathe or shower, you likely run your bathroom’s exhaust fan to remove the excess moisture from the air. In the winter months, however, there’s no need to let this moisture go to waste. Instead, let the humidity build up. When you open the bathroom door, that humid air will move into the rest of the home.

Vent the Dryer Inside the Home to Increase Humidity

Running your dryer is another activity that has the potential to create a lot of moisture in the air. Rather than venting the dryer outside, purchase a simple, inexpensive kit that is designed to let the dryer vent inside. This will also release warm air into the home, potentially cutting down on heating costs.

Use a Humidifier to Increase Humidity

humidifier Humidifiers are available in a variety of different sizes and may be portable or integrated with your HVAC system. While both types of humidifiers have benefits and drawbacks, they’re both effective in increasing the level of moisture in the air. At B & W Heating and Air Conditioning, we help homeowners enjoy maximum comfort all winter long. We offer an array of top-brand humidifiers, making it easy to control the humidity levels in your home or place of business.