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What Should I Do In Case of a Gas Leak?

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Follow these tips if you think you smell gas

Gas appliances, including a gas furnace, can be an efficient and low-cost option for home appliances. However, you need to remember that natural gas is being used to operate the appliances. Therefore, using gas appliances or a gas furnace carries a risk for a gas leak inside your home. It is very important that you know what to do in the event you smell gas, or you believe there could be a gas leak in your home.

What Should You Do If You Suspect A Gas Leak in Your Home?

Evacuate your home immediately if you see flames or sparks and call 911 from a safe distance. There could be an explosion; therefore, it is usually better to evacuate if you smell an odor similar to rotten eggs, hear the hiss of a gas leak, or see flames or sparks. Another sign of immediate danger is grass, shrubs, or other plants turning brown, rusty, or other odd colors. The color change in the plants indicates gas could be present. gas line wood river il If you do not notice anything that indicates immediate danger, but you believe there could be a gas leak, you should:
  • Immediately extinguish any flames such as candles.
  • Do not smoke, use matches or
  • Do not unplug or plug in anything.
  • Open all doors and windows.
  • Do not turn on or turn off any appliances or light switches.
  • Turn off the gas supply to your home and leave it off until a heating contractor or other professional inspects the system and gives you the okay to turn on the gas.
  • Go outside and call 911 and the gas company from a safe distance away from your home. Do not call 911 or the gas company from inside your home. You should never use a landline inside your home if you suspect a gas leak.
  • Notify neighbors in nearby homes so they can take steps to protect themselves.
If you turn off the natural gas for any reason, do not attempt to turn the gas back on yourself. A qualified professional must turn the gas back on.

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