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Duct Cleaning Q & A

Duct Cleaning Q & A
Cleaning heater vent with VacuumNot only are they eminently forgettable, but they are also difficult to clean effectively without special equipment. Below are a number of commonly asked questions about duct cleaning, along with advice from the experts.

Q.- I am a DIYer. Is duct cleaning something I can do on my own to save money?

A.- Probably not. Duct cleaning services can seem expensive, especially for families on a tight budget, but it is still not recommended to try on your own, if only because you won’t get very far. While you could take a screwdriver to the vent covers, give the area a good dusting, and maybe stick a vacuum hose as far in as it will go, you won’t likely clean more than a fraction of the labyrinth of ducts that go through most homes. Duct cleaning experts use very specialized equipment not generally available to consumers to thoroughly clean out the ducts.

Q.- How do I stop my ducts from getting dirty in the first place?

A.- The first and easiest step towards keeping your ducts clean is to change your filters monthly. Even bargain filters capture a large percentage of the dust and debris that accumulates in an HVAC system. For more thorough protection you may want to opt for an electrostatic filter, which is better at capturing minute particles and allergens.

Q.- Why bother with all this duct cleaning nonsense, anyway?

A.- Cleaning your ducts can have a number of benefits that should outweigh the cost. First and foremost, having a clean and unobstructed ventilation system improves the overall efficiency of your HVAC system, which will save you money in the long term. Duct cleaning specialists are also able to identify health risks that may be lurking in your ducts such as mold, fungi, insects, or other vermin that you may not have known about. A clean set of ducts and vents will also improve the general air quality of your home.