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Essential Holiday Heating Tips for Your Dorsey, Illinois Home


Holiday Heating Tips

holiday The most wonderful time of the year is approaching us rather quickly. Where is fun to buy Christmas gifts, eat tons of good food, and snuggle up to watch all of your favorite holiday movies, there are some downfalls. Everywhere that you go is busy, and let’s not forget about how cold it gets outside. Most people in the Dorsey, IL area can understand how beautiful snow is when it does start to fall, however looking at snow is one thing, and freezing from how cold it is outside is another. The last negative thing that we know that you will understand about the holiday season is spending money on things we don’t normally spend during the year. If you want to ensure that you are staying warm this winter season while cutting down on the energy that you are using to save money where you can continue reading on for helpful tips and tricks that our team has put together for you.

Decorate Your Home for Warmth

Our first tip for you this holiday season is to make sure that your home is ready for the winter outside. Something that you can do to make sure that you are toasty warm, is to purchase things for your home to keep you warm that aren’t just your heating systems. Make sure to buy big and fluffy blankets that you can snuggle into at night or throughout the day. You can even buy sheets that are nice and warm to help with this as well. Another thing you can do is buy curtains that help with the windows. One place that cool weather likes to come from is outside, getting these types of thick curtains will help keep the cold out.

Using the Sun

During the day, open your curtains and let that sunshine in! No matter how cold it is outside, the sun is always warm. If it is a nice sunny winter day, make sure you are using that to your advantage. By opening up your curtains and letting the natural sun inside of your home, you are using that heat to warm your place up. We promise this trick does the job, and a plus is that your pet will be as happy as you are to bask in that area of your house right where the sun is hitting.

Changing Your Furnace Filters

Something that can happen when your furnace is dirty is that your furnace is working extra hard. Since the filter isn’t as clean, it has to work harder to make sure that air comes out of it. Making sure that this area is clean, will help airflow out the best that it can.

Running Ceiling Fans in Reverse

Did you know that your fan isn’t just for cool air? If you use the switch on your fan, this will produce warm air instead of cool. This will make a huge difference in your home by just flipping a specific switch. You will feel a difference as soon as this happens, and there will be no need to turn your heater up to waste even more energy. holiday

Dressing for Cold Weather

The last thing that we think will help you save some money on your heating system is making sure that you are dressing warm. Wearing long pants, socks, or hoodies is a great way to cut some corners. We don’t expect you to wear your winter coats throughout your house, but putting on a couple of extra layers to make sure that you are keeping yourself warm will make a huge difference. If your Dorsey, IL home heating system needs to be repaired or replaced, give our professionals at B & W Heating & Cooling a call today!