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Experiencing Problems with Your Humidifier in Bethalto, Illinois?

Types of Humidifiers

Troubleshooting Your Whole House Humidifier

humidifier repair bethalto illinoisResidents of Bethalto, IL call B & W Heating & Cooling for humidifier repair every day throughout spring and summer when dew points and heat start to rise. Identifying problems affecting your whole house humidifier before it fails completely not only prevents expensive replacement but also ensures you remain cool and comfortable in your home.

Is Your Humidifier Making a Buzzing Noise?

Buzzing sounds coming from your humidifier may indicate debris is clogging the drive mechanism or the fan motor needs more lubrication. Loose components within a whole-house humidifier may also cause buzzing noises.

Leaking Whole House Humidifier

Your humidifier may be leaking due to a damaged hose or wick or problems in the water system. Before checking to see where the water leak is coming from, unplug the humidifier and inspect the water reservoir.

Does Your House Humidifier Smell Odd?

humidifier bethalto illinoisIt could be your humidifier’s water tank needs a good cleaning. After washing the water tank and applying a cleaning solution of one gallon of water and two teaspoons of bleach, turn on the humidifier and wait for the odd smell to return. If it doesn’t, it’s probably fixed. If not, call us to check your unit for other problems.

Your Whole House Humidifier Fails to Start

Check the power source and your humidifier’s circuit breaker or fuse. In some cases, a humidifier is much higher than your home’s humidity and fails to adjust. A worst-case scenario involves replacing your humidifier with a new, top-quality home humidifier from Comfortmaker, one of the nation’s leading providers of whole house humidifiers.

Are Your Windows “Sweating”?

Make sure air is not escaping from your home by checking to make sure all doors and windows are closed properly. If you recently bought your humidifier, it may not be powerful enough to de-humidify your home. Our technicians can come to your home and determine if you are using the kind of humidifier designed to accommodate the size of your home. B & W Heating & Cooling provides humidifier repair for Bethalto, Illinois, and surrounding area residents. When your whole house humidifier is not working as it should be, don’t wait until it fails–contact us today for immediate repair of any humidifier problem.