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Health Conscious: Is it Time to Install an Air Purifier?

is it time for an air purifier in bethalto illinois

We’re Health Conscious, But Missing a Key Concern

We’re careful about what we consume each day. Many of us drink bottled water, eat organic food or at least watch the ingredients in our meals and we even consider what we watch and listen to. Meanwhile, we’re breathing between 2,100 and 2,400 gallons of air each day without even thinking about it or the benefit that an air purifier can have.

Air Purifiers Take the Load Off Our Lungs

an air purifier in bethalto illinois helps improve your lungs Much of the air we breathe each day is in our homes, especially while we’re sleeping. Could it be that it’s time to make our indoor air quality a priority? Seasonal air quality can vary widely in this area with pollutants blowing in from around the region and beyond. Allergens, both naturally occurring and man-made are constantly taxing our bodies’ defenses, and every time we clean around the house we add chemicals to the air.

Aim for Higher Air Quality

Our indoor air can be much better. An air purifier is an easy add-on or original equipment on many HVAC systems for year-round removal of the contaminants which make our lungs work harder than they need to. For everyone, that can be a great help and for those with respiratory conditions, it’s an especially important consideration. Air quality is an often-overlooked health concern.

Live Life and Clean Up, Too

Pets, smokers, cooking and everyday dust can add invisible burdens to the air around the home. Whole-system installations from brands like Comfortmaker can incorporate the latest electronic air purifiers with high-resolution HEPA filtration and make a big change in the air you breathe.

From Irritants and Allergens to Sparkling Clear Air

an air purifier improves air quality in bethalto illinois An air purifier improves your air quality by removing unwelcome elements from your air like a water filter gives you sparkling, clear water. It starts with larger particles such as smoke and allergens which affect your lungs and annoy your nose, which then removes chemical pollutants that goes down to the molecule level and addresses issues like ozone which can really irritate your lungs.

Local Experts Know Your Air Challenges

Local expertise really helps you get the HVAC system and maintenance you need for your home. Every part of the country has different weather patterns, seasonal allergens, and pollutants. For residents of Bethalto, Illinois and the surrounding area, the experienced HVAC professionals to call are B&W Heating and Cooling.