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How to Gain Comfort and Control Costs with HVAC Zoning

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Zones: Why Use Heating and Cooling Where You Are Not?

Zoned heating and cooling focuses your climate control where you need it. For example, if your upstairs is getting hot on a summer day and needs cooling, there’s no reason your downstairs family room should also be cooled until it is freezing. With HVAC zones, you can put your heating or cooling, and your energy use, only where it is needed.

Zoned Heating and Cooling Channels Your Resources

HVAC Zones in Edwardsville Illinois Targeted climate control is the main benefit of using zones to manage your HVAC system, but these days the advantages are growing. Here are three traditional reasons to look at zoned heating and cooling, and one you may not have considered yet: Comfort Control that lets bedrooms stay cool while the family room is warm. This is the main reason that people choose to implement zones — so that they can better enjoy their homes. Instead of living by the main thermostat, they can pick different temperatures around the house. You stay comfortable while watching TV, then sleep in cool, comfortable bedrooms. Energy Efficiency from putting heating and cooling efforts only where they’re needed. Instead of cutting back on comfort throughout the house to save money, why not cut back on heating and cooling spaces you aren’t using? More Effective System Use from balanced, targeted system operation which reduces wear and tear. Since you’re only heating and cooling the spaces which you’re occupying, your HVAC system gets a break and works less hard. This can lead to less wear and tear and lower associated costs over the life of your HVAC equipment. Plus — Smart Home Coordination Works Better with HVAC Zones. As you add smart home features to your house, you can better coordinate features like automated sunshades and room occupancy sensors to work with zoned heating and cooling. You’ll go from a system that reacts to temperature changes and adjusts, to one which thinks ahead and is ready to take care of your comfort.

Make Sure You Do It Right With A Specialist

It’s important to choose a specialist who has extensive experience with zoned systems and knows how to implement them for the local climate. In the Edwardsville, IL and York area, the experts at B&W Heating and Cooling are ready for your call.