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Should I DIY my HVAC Project or Hire a Contractor?

DIY HVAC Edwardsville Illinois

Considering A DIY HVAC Project?

We live in a DIY world. When something in our home breaks down or stops working effectively, we check out search for answers on YouTube or at our local hardware store. The temptation is even there when a need to repair comes along that might be beyond our normal exposure, such as the replacement of our old heating and cooling system with a York brand air conditioner or furnace. Read below for more information regarding a DIY HVAC project.

The Question is to Do or Not to Do

DIY HVAC project edwardsville illinoisWhile the impulse for doing your own HVAC projects is strong, it is not always the best choice for your or your Edwardsville, IL home. Yes, hypothetically it would save you money in labor costs, but it could also backfire and leave you with a more extensive bill to fix your mistakes. Here are some things to consider before you decide whether to tackle your own HVAC project or hire a contractor or professional HVAC service.

  1. How old is the equipment you want to repair? Most AC/heating units have a lifespan of no more than 15 years. If you expect to fix a unit that you’ve had since your grown kids were little, you might have some difficulty finding the parts, and if the problem is more extensive than a simple part replacement, you’ll probably end up doing more damage to your unit than fixing.
  2. Are you attempting to upgrade your ductwork or switch to a more efficient system of heating/cooling? The modern heating and cooling system can be very complex. You want to maximize the effectiveness of your ductwork to fully benefit from newer high-efficiency units. This takes the help of highly trained professional HVAC service technicians, like those at B&W Heating and Cooling.
  3. What is the size of your HVAC project? While smaller projects can give homeowners a nice challenge without the worry of causing a larger problem if you make a mistake, trying to replace the whole-house system or making a major repair can have dire consequences if you don’t have the experience and skill to do the work.

Saving money is always fun, but DIY projects with your heating and cooling system can cost you more in the future. Call on B&W Heating and Cooling for your HVAC repair and replacement needs.