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Proper furnace maintenance increases the life of the HVAC system

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Gas Furnace Maintenance

Gas is an efficient, clean way to heat your home. Gas furnaces have a higher Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating than oil furnace systems and are a cheaper way to heat your home during the cold winter months. From the months of October through March, natural gas will cost approximately $690 per household according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, where oil heat will run about $2,558 per household, on average. Propane furnace systems cost about $1,448 per winter and electric systems operate at about $964 per year. Gas is a wise choice for efficiency and to save you money in the long run.

Gas heating systems are like all other systems when it comes to maintenance. Without proper maintenance, the heating system can eventually break down, cause an unhealthy environment, and may not be as efficient as it was made to be. Keeping all working parts of any system clean and in good working order is a vital step in caring for your source of heat.

During a scheduled visit to maintain the gas furnace, NATE-certified technicians clean the ductwork to not only keep the furnace in top working order but to produce a healthier environment in your home. Pet dander, dust mites, and even bacteria can begin to build up during the summer months when the system is not in use. A once-a-year cleaning is necessary to ensure the heat pumping into your home is not a respiratory hazard.

In addition to cleaning, a yearly checkup is a key to maintaining the efficiency of the system. When the system operates properly, it will reduce the time to reach the optimal temperature setting, thus shutting down sooner. The thermostat is designed to save money on heating bills, but if the system isn’t working well, it can take longer to heat your home.

Proper maintenance increases the life of the furnace. Trained technicians understand the system, knowing what to look for in terms of components that may be wearing out. This can save you money and hardship during those winter months should the furnace break down. The summer months leave the furnace open to dust particles and even cobwebs that can infiltrate working parts. A cleaning, system, and ductwork check reduces the chance of a system failure when you need the furnace the most.

Scheduling a routine check-up for the system is simple. It’s only a phone call away.

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