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Tips to Cool Your House this Summer

Tips To Cool Your House This Summer

It’s getting warmer out.

The days when you open your windows and let the cool air in will soon be gone. As the temperature rises, we all have the propensity of lowering the thermostat in our home to keep it cool when the temperature skyrockets. Unfortunately, the lower you turn your thermostat, the higher your electric bill climbs. Here are some tips to help you keep the bill down and your home cool.

1. If it’s electronic, it generates heat.

  • When you’re not in the room and not using the appliance, TV, computer or the lights cut them off.
  • This takes the strain off of your cooling unit.
  • It also saves you money in more ways than one.

2. Drapes

  • Drapes and shades in the home can keep in the cool air longer and prevent the heat of the day from coming into the home.
  • Blinds can be used to regulate the heat entering the home. Closing the drapes on the side of the house where the sun hits will take a tremendous load off of your cooling unit.

3. Ceiling fans

  • Use ceiling fans during the hottest part of the day to circulate the cool air around your home.
  • Your cooling unit will not have to work harder when the fans are helping to cool the house.

4. Set it and forget it

  • The ideal temperature for a home in the summer should be no cooler than 72 and no higher than 74.
  • Find the happy medium, and leave the thermostat there.
  • Constantly changing the thermostat not only makes your unit work harder, but it can also decrease the life of your unit.

5. Keep a regular check on your filters.

  • Once a month, check your filters. If they are clogged change them.
  • Clogged air filters drastically reduce the efficiency of your cooling unit.