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Tips for Winterizing Your Collinsville, IL Home!

Tips for Winterizing
When Winter starts, there is no better place than being warm and cozy in your Collinsville, IL home. To ensure this you will want to prepare your home, so it stays energy-efficient and cozy this winter. We have 5 simple steps on how you should prepare your Collinsville, IL home for this upcoming winter season. Checking Home Furnace for Winter

Check the Seals

Checking for cracks or gaps around your windows is a crucial step in the winterizing process. These cracks can cause drafts that will make your home’s furnace work harder to keep a comfortable temperature. Try using a caulk gun to fill in the gaps that you come across, or even take it a step further by administering weatherstripping tape around the seams.

Clean Your Homes Gutters & Downspouts

Make sure that your home’s gutters and downspouts are clear. This allows winter snow runoff to drain properly away from your home’s foundation. Having clear gutters also can reduce the likelihood of an ice dam forming, which can be damaging to your home.

Get Your Homes Furnace Winter Ready

This tip is an essential step, that you should do not only to prepare for winter but the overall preparation that your home needs. It is always a smart idea to make sure your furnace is tuned up prior to the winter season. This ensures that it can work efficiently and effectively!! This also includes making sure you replace the air filter.

Safeguard Your Air Conditioner This Winter

Does winter home preparation only involve your home’s heating system? No, as it is crucial to also help protect your home’s air conditioning during the winter season. We suggest that you turn off the power supply to your air conditioning unit that is located outside. This prevents unnecessary activation and prevents the pipes from freezing. Try protecting your unit with a cover, just make sure it is breathable in order to prevent rust. Air Conditioner covered with Snow

Don’t Forget the Basics!

There are several other things that you should do to ensure your home is prepared for the winter season. This includes:
  • Check your Collinsville, IL home’s smoke detectors batteries. You should also consider getting them hardwired for enhanced reliability.
  • Flush your home’s hot water heater to rid it of any sediment.
  • Install draft guards underneath your home’s doors and ensure that your windows have insulation film on them. This reduces the strain put on your HVAC system.
No matter what season it is, we at B & W Heating & Cooling are here to assist your home with all of its HVAC and air conditioning needs!