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The Perfect AC Systems in Alton, Illinois

setting up a mini split

What AC System Is Right For You in Alton, Illinois?

HVAC Unit Deciding which AC system is right for your Alton, IL involves taking various factors into account. These include the size and age of your home, whether you rent or own it, and the amount of money you have to spend. The first step in making the decision is to become familiar with the types of AC systems that are currently available, from Amana manufacturers and others, so you can assess which is the right choice for your home.

Central Air

Central AC systems have their main unit located outside, where they can work more efficiently to produce cool air and get rid of warm air. The main downside of this kind of system is that installation can be difficult or even impossible in an older home. It is necessary to create holes in the walls in order to install ducts that can transport air throughout the home. If you own your home, have a large budget, and do not mind putting up with some disruption during the installation process, central air is a great option. This type of system is extremely good at keeping your home at a constant, comfortable temperature. Central air is also generally very efficient, which means it can help to keep your energy bills low.

Mini-Split Systems

Instead of using ducts to transport cool air around your home, you can install a ductless AC system. This involves placing an air conditioning unit in every room that you want to cool. Although the units can be expensive, installation is relatively cheap because there is no need to install ductwork in the walls.

Window AC System

ac system Renters looking for a less permanent solution should consider window air conditioners. This kind of system is very straightforward to install, as you simply need to add a unit to the window of each room that you want to cool. When you move to a new home in Alton, IL, you can take your window air conditioner and install it in your new home. If you are not sure whether to opt for central air, ductless AC, or a more portable system, contact us today so we can talk you through the options.