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Are Annual Furnace & Heat Pump Inspections Really Necessary in Edwardsville IL?

the importance of furnace and heat pump inspections alton illinois

Furnace & Heat Pump Inspections

Homeowners in Edwardsville, IL, are advised to have their furnace and heat pump inspections done once a year. Is this really necessary for everyone? And just who is giving this advice?

Yearly Heat Pump and Furnace Inspection Is Necessary for Every Home

what goes along with an hvac inspection alton illinoisWhen every furnace manufacturer agrees on something, you know it must be important. And they all agree that an annual heating system inspection is something that every homeowner should schedule with a qualified professional. Why? Well, for one thing, it has a lot to do with your warranty. The guarantee you get from your furnace or heat pump manufacturer states that if your heating system is damaged because you did not follow proper maintenance guidelines, it is not covered by the warranty. So, if you fail to have an HVAC technician take care of routine maintenance, you are basically voiding the manufacturer’s guarantee of service for your heating system. But the real purpose for an annual heat pump and furnace inspection is to keep your heating system safely performing at an optimal level. What your HVAC specialist discovers during this check can save you from serious problems down the road.

What Happens During a Heat Pump Inspection?

If your Edwardsville, IL home uses a heat pump, your HVAC professional will check every part of the unit, including electrical connection, valves, and connection to any ductwork. This thorough inspection will alert your technician to any problems your heat pump is having. By finding a problem, in the beginning, you can save a lot of money on repair bills. A yearly inspection of your heat pump will also uncover any problems about to occur. Your HVAC tech can spot frayed wiring, refrigerant leaks, or other issues before your heating system suffers a shutdown. Avoiding repairs can also help you keep your system running better, and longer.

What Does an HVAC Professional Check in an Annual Inspection?

inspecting your heating system alton illinoisThere is no standard inspection process that all technicians use. You should check with your HVAC service to see what is specifically included in their inspection process. However, there are a few things that your professional should look at during the yearly check. First, the entire heating system should be checked thoroughly, including the ductwork. This will begin with a check of your vent systems, to see if you have any blocks or leaks. Next, your heat exchanger will be checked for any noticeable signs of corrosion. Your HVAC tech will also check for any separations that could put your family at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. Your furnace’s blower will be inspected. Your blower and the attached pieces will then be cleaned. The seal that surrounds the blower access door is checked to make sure that it is tight at the furnace. Many techs do an amp-draw test on your blower motor. This ensures that your blower is blowing heat the way it is supposed to. While it may seem unnecessary, it can help you reduce your home’s risk of fire. Your flue will need to be inspected as well to make sure that there are no blockages. Then, your safety controls will be checked. Your HVAC technician will check the belts for cracking and worn places and replace them if needed. Once your HVAC specialist checks all this, the next thing will be the start-up cycle. The final thing to check is the filter and replace it if needed.

Are You Sure I Need a Professional HVAC Technician to Perform the Inspection?

It seems like everywhere you look, there is someone telling you that, as a homeowner, you are qualified to take care of maintenance and repairs around the home. So, why can’t you do your own annual furnace and heat pump inspections? The truth is unless you have skill, training, and experience installing, repairing, and replacing a heating system, you need to have a professional in charge. Why? Because watching a tutorial online cannot prepare you for what you might encounter. Only a professional will have the training to know where to look for problems in your heat pump or furnace. Experience on the job will have taught them what commonly goes wrong with a heating system in Edwardsville, IL. Also, an HVAC professional will conduct a very thorough heat pump and furnace inspection. Your technician understands how important it is for your heater’s warranty and your family’s safety that your heating system is functioning properly. Your HVAC tech can also help you keep your furnace and heat pump working for a lot longer. A professional can spot the problems early, so your heating system doesn’t incur major damage. They can also advise you on ways to keep your unit clear of obstructions. You and your family depend on your heating system to keep you warm and safe all winter. Never trust something that important to an amateur.