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What size furnace do I need for my Edwardsville, IL home?

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Buying a new furnace is not a purchase that many homeowners look forward to because of the cost of the unit as well as the cost of installation. However, furnace replacement is something you might need to consider if your unit is not operating efficiently. A furnace that is not operating efficiently generally results in higher utility bills and repair costs. Furthermore, a furnace that is not operating efficiently can be dangerous (i.e., gas leaks, carbon monoxide leaks, fires, etc.)

Home Size

If you are purchasing a new furnace, one of the main considerations that will impact your choice will be the size of your home. You want to choose a unit that is large enough to heat your entire home without causing excess strain and wear on the unit. However, choosing a unit that is too large can result in unnecessarily high utility bills.


In addition to the size and layout of your home, other factors will impact the size of a new furnace. For example, the climate where you live will be a factor.  If you live in southern Florida, where winters are mild, you might not need a very large furnace because your home does not require as much heating power as a home in a colder climate such as Edwardsville, IL.

Home Construction

In addition, the quality of the construction of your home impacts your choice of a furnace. If your home is constructed of brick, your home is naturally more insulated than a home constructed with wood siding. The amount and type of insulation in your home and your landscaping can also impact the size of a furnace.

Furnace Efficiency

The furnace’s efficiency rating also impacts your decision. A new high-efficiency furnace with a 93% efficiency rating that produces 100,000 BTU (British Thermal Units) will produce more heat and operate more efficiently than a less-expensive furnace of the same size with a 75% efficiency rating. Therefore, purchasing a high-efficiency furnace can save money because a smaller unit might produce as much or more heat as a larger furnace with a lower efficiency rating.

Estimating the Size of Your New Furnace

It can be difficult to decide what size furnace to purchase. You want a furnace that is large enough to heat your home efficiently, but one that is not too large. Some websites claim to be able to estimate the BTU you need for your new furnace; however, the software estimates might not consider all factors when calculating the size of your new furnace.

The Edwardsville, IL furnace professionals of B & W Heating and Cooling can help you determine the size of your new furnace. You can rely on our heating and cooling experts for professional and trusted furnace installation, furnace replacement, and furnace repair. Our heating and cooling company serves clients throughout Edwardsville, IL and surrounding areas.