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What type of heating system is right for my Wood River, IL home?

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Types of Heating Systems for Your Home

You can choose from several types of heating systems for your home. Each heating system has its pros and cons. Therefore, your choice depends on your home, your needs, and your preferences. Our Wood River, IL heating contractors, can provide detailed information about each of the following heating systems to help you decide what type of system is best for your needs.

Central Heat

Most households in the United States have some form of central heating as their main heat source. A popular central heat system is a furnace. A furnace blows heated air into ducts to force the heated air throughout the home. This type of system is referred to as a forced warm-air distribution system. You can choose from gas, electric, or fuel oil models for your new furnace. A thermostat and heating system controls regulate the furnace to maintain a constant temperature.

A heat pump is another common type of central heat system. A heat pump is a two-way air conditioner that removes heat from the inside of the home during the summer and moves heated air into the home from outside during the winter. Most heat pumps use a forced warm-air delivery system to heat the home.

Boilers are water heaters used to heat the home. A boiler heating system distributes heat throughout the home using hot water. The hot water passes through radiators or other devices in each room releasing the heat as it passes through the radiator. Most residential radiators use heating oil or natural gas for fuel.

Direct Heat Systems

Direct heat systems have a limited heating radius. These systems usually heat one room. For example, a fireplace or wood-burning stove uses wood (or gas in a fireplace) to produce heat. Stoves and fireplaces can only heat a limited space. Furthermore, when burning wood as a fuel source, you have the risk of pollution emissions from the heat source.

A portable electric heater is another example of direct heat. Also known as a space heater, a portable electric heater converts electric current into heat. Space heaters can also be powered by gas or kerosene. You must be very careful when using a portable heater of any type because it is easy to cause a fire if you place the heater too close to combustible materials. In addition, you have the risk of being exposed to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide and other toxins.

Geothermal Heating

Geothermal heating is a new option for heating your home. A Geothermal Heat Pump (GHP) uses a ground loop pipe to draw heat from the earth to deposit into the home. In reverse, the GHP removes heat from the home and deposits it in the earth. Geothermal heating is supposed to save money on your heating and cooling costs because it is more efficient.

Choosing a Heat System for Your Home in Wood River, IL

The Wood River, IL heating specialists of B & W Heating and Cooling can discuss the above heating methods with you in more detail, as well as, other heating systems. Our heating contractors work with clients throughout the Wood River, IL area to determine the best heating system for their home or business.

We provide an estimate of the costs involved in installing the heating system and provide exceptional service from the initial conversation through the installation of your new unit.